Advocacy and Coalition Manager

About HWCLI:

The Health and Welfare Council of Long Island (HWCLI) is a dynamic and impactful private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to health and human services planning, research/public education, and advocacy. As the umbrella organization for both public and non-profit agencies serving Long Island’s underserved populations, HWCLI is committed to addressing the needs of vulnerable families and individuals, ensuring that the voices of the powerless are heard.



Position Overview:

HWCLI is actively searching for a dynamic, passionate, and socially conscious individual to contribute to HWCLI’s advocacy mission. In this role, you will play a pivotal part in overseeing project development and implementing an extended advocacy and coalition initiative, including a focus on our behavioral health endeavors. As a key member reporting to the Chief Operations Officer, the Advocacy and Coalition Manager will take the lead in collaborating with HWCLI’s coalitions, as well as national and regional experts. Together, you will collaboratively craft an impactful annual advocacy agenda, driving positive change and furthering our commitment to the community.


Key Responsibilities:

Community Outreach and Development:

  • Strategic Community Engagement: Collaborate closely with pivotal community stakeholders, including human service agencies, agencies serving clients with mental health and disabilities, school districts, pediatricians, and healthcare providers. This collaboration aims to establish robust connections, effectively linking clients with the essential services.
  • Building Transformative Alliances: Construct a coalition encompassing school districts and local universities, uniting forces to address the pressing need for increased behavioral health professionals and services for youth.
  • Disaster Preparedness Leadership: Assume a leadership role in HWCLI’s disaster planning and preparedness coalition, ensuring a comprehensive strategy that safeguards the community during unforeseen events.
  • Community Violence Coalition Support: Provide dedicated support to HWCLI’s community violence coalition.
  • Barrier Identification and Strategic Solutions: Methodically identify barriers hindering client behavior change and devise effective strategies, along with requisite supports, to overcome these impediments.
  • Dynamic Presentations and Workshops: Strategically plan, coordinate, and execute presentations and workshops, targeting school districts and community locations where trust is established, creating a safe space for community members.
  • Coalition Facilitation: Actively contribute to an engaged coalition of agencies committed to addressing the unique needs of at-risk Long Islanders
  • Comprehensive Outreach Initiatives: Conduct outreach, presentations, and workshops, fostering community engagement and awareness.
  • Policy Proficiency: Stay meticulously informed about national, state, and local policy changes relevant to service provision, ensuring a nuanced understanding to contribute effectively to HWCLI’s advocacy and policy work.
  • Direct Client Interaction: Through direct client interaction, gain valuable insights to inform and enhance HWCLI’s advocacy and policy initiatives, ensuring a client-centric approach to transformative change.


Advocacy and Education

  • Deepening Expertise: Expand expertise on anti-poverty and anti-racism policy issues and cultivate a nuanced and informed understanding and approach.
  • Holistic Coalition Collaboration: Collaborate with relevant HWCLI staff to organize convenings of the behavioral health, VOAD, and other HWCLI coalitions. Facilitate the exchange of vital information encompassing programs, client needs, and the intricacies of policy and advocacy.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Foster strategic alliances with regional and national partners for collaboration on policy updates and shaping advocacy agendas
  • Crafting Impactful Advocacy Plans: Spearhead the development of a comprehensive annual advocacy plan, offering insightful recommendations for effective advocacy at both state and federal levels. Ensure a robust implementation plan to translate recommendations into tangible impact.
  • Building Political Relationships: Expand and fortify relationships with federal and state-elected officials, creating bridges for effective communication and collaboration.
  • Empowering through Education: Engage and educate other agencies within the advocacy and policy agenda through coalitions, agency meetings, and effective communication channels.
  • Active Participation: Attend local, regional, and state meetings as necessary and relevant, fostering a continuous loop of program information, updates, ongoing training, and technical support.


Qualifications, Required Skills and Experience:

  • Dedication to Social Justice: Demonstrate a profound commitment to social justice and a deep alignment with HWCLI’s mission.
  • Effective Communication and Facilitation Skills: Possess strong communication and facilitation skills, ensuring the seamless exchange of ideas and fostering collaborative environments.
  • Energetic Team Player: Bring a high-energy, team-player mentality, infusing enthusiasm and collaboration into every aspect of the work.
  • Organizational Competence: Showcase excellent organizational skills, with a keen ability to pay meticulous attention to details.
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: Exhibit the capability to think strategically, developing both short and long-term plans that align with overarching objectives and meet necessary deadlines.
  • Proficiency in Project Management: Demonstrate strong project management skills, overseeing initiatives with efficiency and efficacy.
  • Analytical and Writing Acumen: Possess robust analytic and writing skills
  • Comfortable Public Speaker: Comfortability speaking in front of diverse audiences, conveying ideas with clarity
  • Autonomous and Team-Oriented: Display comfort working independently or in a diverse team, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work culture.
  • Bilingual Proficiency: Strongly preferred bilingual proficiency in Spanish
  • Travel: Vehicle required for travel throughout Long Island.
  • Availability: Must be able to work evenings and weekends
  • Digitally Adept: Exhibit proficiency in Microsoft Office and web-based databases




  • Competitive Compensation: Your compensation will be commensurate with your experience, recognizing and valuing your expertise.
  • Hybrid Work Environment: Enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid work setting, combining remote and in-office work.
  • Retirement Plan: Comprehensive retirement package with employer contributions
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Benefit from flexible spending accounts, providing you with additional financial flexibility.
  • Paid Time Off: Offering paid time off, holidays off, vacation, and sick time.
  • Dynamic Workplace Impact: Join a vibrant and dynamic work environment where your contributions actively contribute to a positive regional impact.


How to Apply: Send cover letter and resume to HWCLI is an equal opportunity employer.


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